Varsity Tryouts

Date: March 27 & 29 6:00 to 8:00pm

Location: Tom Meuhlenbeck Rec Center, 5801 W Parker Road, Plano TX 75093

Expectations: All athletes need to register for tryouts online.
A nonrefundable fee of $50 must be paid prior to location and performance details to be sent.

Attire: All athletes must wear black tops and bottoms free of any team logos. This prevents judges from knowing who return athletes are.

Performance: Girls will be sent a dance and a cheer to learn prior to arrival. They will also create a cheer of their own to present. Please keep in mind that our team is HSAA our colors are Red & Blue, and our mascot is the Angels. Points are deducted for presenting with other team names/ mascots.

They will also be taught 2 cheers at tryouts.

Athletes will show the panel of judges the following items:
Spirit in (will be demonstrated)
Introduce yourself
1 Dance
3 cheers
The cheer they created

A series of any three jumps (chosen by judges) familiarize yourself with cheer jumps

Any extra skills may be demonstrated here (any dance demo, tumbling, etc. Points are Not deducted for any athlete Not presenting bonus skills)

Timeline: we will have the girls for 4 hours. They will be learning and practicing at a fast pace. At least one Parent is expected to stay and  attend this mandatory meeting to prepare for the upcoming season. Also be prepared to not visit with your athlete as she goes through this process. They will be working the entire time.

What to bring:
Water jug, athletic shoes and cheer shoes, a snack

What we want to see: 
All athletes need to be ready for fitness challenges! We suggest regular workouts start NOW!

All girls need to be able to:
run 1 mile
Hold a 1 minute plank
Perform 20-50 of the following: crunches, pushups, burpees, squats, walking lunges, jumping jacks, and dips. Cheer is definitely a sport! A cheerleader’s Physical Fitness is a huge component of her successful performance.

Varsity Tryout dates will be released soon. Keep checking! If you have questions please email or call.

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